“The Bad Seed”

by Jory John, illustrated by Pete Oswald

A bad seed who cuts in line, never washes his hands, and lies? Oh no! Can a bad seed change his baaaaaaaad ways?


WATCH and LISTEN to the HarperKids storytime presentation of The Bad Seed:


Discussion Questions:

  • What could the Bad Seed have done differently after the spitting incident, instead of turning bad?
  • What might have prompted the Bad Seed to decide he didn’t want to be bad anymore?
  • What else could the Bad Seed do to show the other seeds he isn’t bad anymore?
  • What do the other seeds do when the Bad Seed acts out? What could they do instead?


A Helping Hand. The bad seed says he wasn’t always a bad seed. How do you think he felt when he heard others call him a “bad seed”? How could the others have helped him instead? Draw a picture of what you would have done to help the bad seed.


Making Good Decisions. “Bad seeds” can make good choices! It just takes practice. Draw the Bad Seed as he thinks about making a good choice. Write out the Bad Seed’s decision-making process inside of a thought bubble – – or draw it.


Big Ideas for Parents: Talk with your child about how sometimes people have negative effects from bad experiences. Talk about how the negative effects of bad experiences can be slowly overcome with diligence.


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