Wireless and mobile printing

Need to print? The library offers wireless and mobile printing from home AND onsite printing of pdfs and jpgs from a flash drive.

Printing from home

Wireless and mobile printing from home is secure and can be done from your own computer and most mobile devices – no apps to download and no software to install.

  1. To print from home, please e-mail the Information Desk at info@bethpl.org or call (518) 439-9314, and a librarian will assist you.
  2. Print jobs can be retrieved during browsing hours at the library.

On-site printing

  1. The library provides print stations during browsing hours. Stations are limited to printer use only and have a 15-minute limit.
  2. Patrons can print from the web, e-mail and flash drives.
  3.  There is currently no charge for printing, but we ask that patrons limit their print jobs to only essential items.
  4. You can also use the copier located inside the hallway of the library to print black and white or color documents in jpg or pdf form from a USB flash drive.

Privacy and security

The print portal uses SSL to ensure the security of your transaction. The printer for this portal uses a privacy system. Your documents are held in a privacy print queue until you are present at the printer to authorize their release.

  • You are provided with a unique release code for each document you print.
  • Documents are not printed until you enter the release code at the print release station located at the Information Desk.
  • The document is permanently deleted upon processing.
  • Documents left unprinted for more than 24 hours are automatically deleted.
  • Once printed, documents cannot be re-printed.

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