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Community Bulletin Board and Public Service Announcements

The BCN-TV Community Bulletin Board is a free venue for public service announcements.  Submissions are limited to announcements for non-commercial, nonprofit, and non-partisan events and services.  Priority will be given to submissions from within the Bethlehem Central School District and the town of Bethlehem.



•  Non-commercial—Only announcements promoting an event or service from a nonprofit or government organization will be accepted.  Any announcement that clearly promotes a product, service, business or individual will not be accepted. However, a for-profit business may publicize its fundraising efforts on behalf of a nonprofit organization.
•  Non-partisan—No announcement promoting the candidacy of one particular person or ticket, or one particular side of a political or controversial issue will be accepted.  A non-partisan announcement that promotes general political debate or announces such a debate will be accepted.


•  Single-event announcements will remain on the bulletin board until the day after the event.
•  Announcements for ongoing events or services must be resubmitted every three months.


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