Naming Opportunities and Name Designations

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Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees April 16, 2024

Bethlehem Public Library (The Library) and the Board of Trustees (BOT) can recognize the generosity of entities or individuals by extending name designations to items, areas, collections, or a portion of its facilities. Naming opportunities are also available to honor a person’s significant service to the Library, to the community, or to society at large. The BOT recognizes extension of naming opportunities as decisions of significant importance.  Naming opportunities cannot be used as a means of endorsement of any current or past elected official or candidate. 


Name designations may be extended to meetings spaces, reading areas, study rooms, special use areas, other interior or exterior spaces, equipment or physical items, and programs or program series in honor or memory of an entity or individual as grateful recognition of the gift.

Only entities or individuals who are compatible with the mission, policies, goals, and values of the Library will be considered for naming opportunities and name designations.

  1. The BOT has the sole and absolute discretion to grant and rescind naming opportunities and name designations.
  2. Name designations will be memorialized in a Naming Donor Agreement which will grant donor-specified naming opportunities to a particular space, area, property, item, or program or program series, which is subject to acceptance of the donor’s gift and approval of such name designation by the BOT. Naming Donor Agreements become official records of the library.
  3. Naming opportunities and name designations carry no direct or implied influence in matters of appointment, policies, operational or capital decisions, or any other Library processes or activities.
  4. All naming opportunities and name designations shall be approved for a specific term, which shall not be longer than the useful life of the property or facility, as determined by the BOT unless otherwise established in the naming agreement between the Library and the Donor.
  5. No permanent signage will be put into place until 75% of the funds are received by the Library and all pledges must be paid within two years from the initial pledge unless otherwise approved by the BOT.
  6. In the event that agreed upon funding to constitute a name designation ceases before the agreed time or amount, the BOT may discontinue the designation of the individual, agency or organization, or entity’s name.
  7. When a major building project or capital campaign is undertaken, a tailored naming policy may be proposed for various rooms, or parts of the building and related resources. Such a policy will require the approval of the BOT.
  8. The BOT reserves the right to terminate or alter a name designation for any reason. Should the name designation be terminated, the BOT and the Library will have no further obligation or liability to the Donor and shall not be required to return any portion of the gift that has already been paid. In such cases the BOT may choose an alternative recognition for the portion of the gift that has been received in its sole discretion.
  9. Proposals for name designations may be submitted at any time during the year to the Library Director for review by the BOT.

First Read 3/11/24

Second Read 4/15/24

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