Building project timeline

1973: Current library building construction complete.

2004: Interior renovations to address wear and tear.

2009: Parking lot expanded.

2018: HVAC update complete.


JULY 8, 2021: Finalization of Master Planning Report prepared by architects Butler, Rowland and Mays.

Report compiled with input from the board, library staff, and more than 1,000 data points collection from the community through surveys and focus groups.

Click here to view a copy.


JUNE 2022: Building committee begins discussion with Ashley McGraw architects about conducting a building feasibility study addressing the needs identified in the Long Range Planning process.

SEPTEMBER: Feasibility study begins.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2022: Call for feedback for renewed building planning process in the Footnotes newsletter. Click here to view.

NOVEMBER 15 -17, 2022: Stakeholder Discovery Sessions

DECEMBER 15, 2022: Architects at Ashley McGraw make initial presentation to library board on feasibility study. Click here to watch.

DECEMBER 29, 2022: Announcement of initial and upcoming presentations by Ashley McGraw in e-news and newspaper columns. Click here to view.


JANUARY 9 2023: Architects at Ashley McGraw present hybrid concepts at board meeting. Click here to watch.

FEBRUARY 9, 2023: Announcement of architect’s presentation in e-news and newspaper columns. Click here to view.

FEBRUARY 13, 2023: Final concept presentation to library board with architect’s renderings. Click here to watch.

FEBRUARY 16, 2023: Article in library e-news and newspaper columns about design study and seeking feedback. Click here to view.

MARCH/APRIL 2023: Article soliciting feedback about the design process in library newsletter Footnotes. Click here to view.

APRIL 2023: Final planning study report completed and posted on website. Click here to view. 

MAY-JUNE: Schematic design process begins.

JUNE 2023: Architects at Ashley McGraw present a schematic design update at the June board meeting. Click here to watch.

JULY 26, 2023: Architects at Ashley McGraw hold three community forums on the design process, answering questions from the public. Click here to watch.

JULY-AUGUST: A community survey is sent out via the e-news, library column, in-house bookmarks and community flyers. Survey received more than 350 responses.

AUGUST 14, 2023: Schematic design update is presented at an informational board meeting. Click here to watch.

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