Meeting rooms in the Delmar area

Please call organization to verify information.


ADAMS STATION (part of the Spinney Group)

1 Juniper Drive, Delmar, NY 12054 • (518) 439-8857

Contact: phone Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; leave message if no one is available

Deadlines: none specified

Eligible users: open to the community

Fees: starting at $150 fee, plus refundable damage deposit

Rooms: 50-person capacity, with a smaller 12-seat conference room

Equipment: kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace in the main room, smaller meeting room, two large flat-screen TVs

Other: handicapped accessible; no smoking



16 West Poplar Drive, Delmar NY  12054 • (518) 439-9819

Contact: phone Monday-Friday before noon and leave a message; your call will be returned.

Deadlines:  none specified

Eligible users:  members, or anyone with members as sponsors

Fees:  main room, $500 for non-members; $250 for members

Rooms:  2 rooms (capacity 30, 200)

Equipment:  big screen TV, microphone, WiFi

Other:  non-political



24 Bridge Street, Route 396, Selkirk NY  12158

Contact:  Carol Carpenter, (518) 438-8862 or Vernon Starr at (518) 567-4294

Deadlines:  none specified; as far in advance as possible

Eligible users:  anyone

Fees:  charged

Rooms:  2 rooms with tables (dining, capacity 28 and 74)

Equipment: kitchen available

Other:  no alcohol, no smoking; handicapped- accessible



261 Elm Avenue Park, Delmar NY  12054 • (518) 439-4955, ext. 2131

Contact:  park office,

Deadlines:  2 weeks’ notice preferred

Eligible users:  Conference room available to town of Bethlehem groups or organizations

Fees:  none

Rooms:  1 room (cap. 50)

Equipment:  none

Other:  users must set up and take down tables and chairs; call for availability or request online



445 Delaware Avenue, Delmar NY  12054 • (518) 439-4955, ext. 1164

Contact:  Supervisor’s office;

Deadlines:  none specified

Eligible users:  non-profit, Bethlehem-based groups only

Fees:  none

Rooms:  2 small (cap. 15); 1 large (cap. 40); auditorium (cap. 200)

Equipment:  microphone, lectern, projection screen (no projector)

Other:  no smoking; no food or drink



585 Delaware Avenue, Delmar NY  12054 • (518) 439-9252


Deadlines:  none specified; as far in advance as possible

Eligible users:  non-profit groups only; no fundraising events


  • 1 Fellowship Hall (2,000 square feet), $75; plus kitchen*, $125
  • Library (20-by-30-foot; seats 25), $40; plus kitchen, $65
  • Sanctuary and organ (seats 175), $100; plus library, $125
  • Outdoor area, $40

*Plus 75 cents per person over 80; weddings will be charged $200 due to heavy facility use

Equipment:  TV

Other:  first application must be approved by the Board; no alcohol; no smoking; handicapped-accessible



386 Delaware Avenue, Delmar NY  12054 • (518) 439-9929

Contact:  Kim Gallo,

Deadlines:  none specified

Eligible users:  organizations or groups that do not reflect the church’s mission statement, purpose and goals may be declined; fundraisers are considered

Fees:  $25-$200; Fees: may be negotiated at the discretion of the church administrator

Rooms:  5 (various capacities)

Equipment:  inquire at church office

Other:  no alcohol, no smoking, group may not profit from event



428 Kenwood Avenue, Delmar NY  12054 • (518) 439-9976, press 5

Contact:  Kit McNary,

Deadlines:  at least 2 weeks in advance

Eligible users:  church trustees’ approval required

Fees: charged

Rooms:  Fellowship Hall (capacity 200); 4 classrooms (capacity 20 each)

Equipment:  microphone

Other:  no smoking; no alcohol; no gambling; church has priority on meeting rooms and may need to pre-empt a group’s reservation; group may not profit from event

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