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  Good housekeeping 400 flat tummy recipes & tips
  Abbott, Megan Give Me Your Hand
  Albert, Susan Wittig Queen Anne's Lace
  Ames, Jonathan You were never really here
  Andersen, Laura The darkling bride : a novel
  Andrews, Mary Kay The High Tide Club
  Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the King's Ransom
  Atkins, Ace Robert B. Parker's Old Black Magic
  Atkins, Ace The Sinners
  Atkinson, Kate Transcription
  Baldacci, David The Fallen
  Barclay, Linwood A noise downstairs : a novel
  Barnes, Julian The only story
  Barron, Laird Blood Standard
  Baxter, Cynthia Murder With a Cherry on Top
  Belden, Emily Hot Mess
  Berenson, Laurien Ruff Justice
  Billingham, Mark The Killing Habit
  Bishop, Anne Lake Silence : the world of the Others
  Bledsoe, Alex The Fairies of Sadieville : The Final Tufa Novel
  Blundell, Judy The high season : a novel
  Bond, Larry Arctic Gambit
  Borman, Tracy The King's Witch
  Bowen, Rhys Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding
  Bowler, Kate Everything happens for a reason : and other lies I've loved
  Box, C. J. The Disappeared
  Bradbury, Jamey The wild inside : a novel
  Brenner, Jamie The Husband Hour
  Briggs, Patricia Burn bright : an Alpha and Omega novel
  Broder, Melissa The Pisces
  Brooker, Charlie Black Mirror : A Literary Season
  Brown, Dale The Moscow Offensive
  Brown, Rita Mae Probable Claws
  Brown, Sandra Tailspin
  Brown, Taylor Gods of Howl Mountain : a novel
  Buckley, Christopher The Judge Hunter
  Cameron, Stella Whisper the Dead
  Card, Orson Scott A War of Gifts
  Carr, Robyn The Family Gathering
  Christopher, Adam The Dead Stars
  Clark, Mary Higgins I've Got My Eyes on You
  Cleeves, Ann The glass room
  Cleland, Jane K Antique blues
  Cleverly, Barbara Fall of Angels
  Clinton, Bill The President Is Missing
  Coes, Ben Bloody Sunday
  Colgan, Jenny The Endless Beach
  Connolly, John He
  Connolly, John The Woman in the Woods
  Coulter, Catherine The Sixth Day
  Coulter, Catherine Paradox
  Coyle, Cleo Shot in the dark
  Cross-Smith, Leesa Whiskey & ribbons
  Cussler, Clive The Gray Ghost
  Daheim, Mary A Case of Bier : A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery
  Dailey, Janet My Kind of Christmas
  Davies, Carys West
  Davis, Lindsey Pandora's Boy
  Deaver, Jeffery The Cutting Edge
  Defino, Terri-Lynne The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers and Their Muses
  Delinsky, Barbara Before and Again
  Deutermann, Peter T. The Iceman
  Dickey, Eric Jerome Bad Men and Wicked Women
  Djavadi, Ngar Disoriental
  Dodd, Christina Dead Girl Running
  Doiron, Paul Stay Hidden
  Donlea, Charlie Don't Believe It
  Donnelly, Lara Elena Armistice
  Dovalpage, Teresa Death comes in through the kitchen
  Dovey, Ceridwen In the Garden of the Fugitives
  Downing, David Dark clouds shining
  Drake, David Though Hell Should Bar the Way
  Dray, Stephanie My Dear Hamilton : A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton
  Dubois, Brendan Hard Aground
  Duncan, Elizabeth J The marmalade murders
  Eames, Nicholas Bloody Rose
  Emrys, Ruthanna Winter tide
  Emrys, Ruthanna Deep Roots
  Estleman, Loren D. Black and White Ball
  Evanovich, Janet The Mark
  Evans, Richard Paul The Forgotten Road
  Evison, Jonathan Lawn boy
  Feist, Raymond E. King of Ashes
  Fesperman, Dan Safe Houses
  Flanagan, Richard First person
  Flanders, Judith A howl of wolves
  Fletcher, Jessica A date with murder : a murder, she wrote mystery
  Frank, Dorothea Benton By Invitation Only
  Franqui, Leah America for Beginners
  Fraser, Anthea Sins of the Fathers
  Frazier, Charles Varina
  Frear, Caz Sweet Little Lies
  Fredericks, Mariah A death of no importance
  Frumkin, Rebekah The comedown : a novel
  Gable, Michelle The summer I met Jack
  Gallagher, Mia Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland
  Gear, W. Michael This scorched earth
  George, Elizabeth The Punishment She Deserves
  Gerber, Daryl Wood A Deadly Eclair : A French Bistro Mystery
  Giffin, Emily All We Ever Wanted
  Giordano, Raphaelle Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One
  Golden, Christopher Blood of the four
  Golden, Peter Nothing Is Forgotten
  Goodman, Carol The other mother : a novel
  Goolrick, Robert The Dying of the Light
  Graham, Heather Pale As Death
  Graham, Heather Fade to Black
  Gratton, Tessa Queens of Innis Lear
  Grecian, Alex The saint of wolves and butchers
  Grimes, Martha The Knowledge
  Groff, Lauren Florida
  Haas, Derek The way I die : a novel
  Hagberg, David Flash Points
  Haines, Carolyn Charmed Bones
  Hamilton, Laurell K. Serpentine
  Hamilton, Steve An Honorable Assassin
  Hannah, Kristin The great alone
  Harbison, Elizabeth M. Every Time You Go Away
  Harris, C. S. Why kill the innocent : a Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery
  Haseldine, Jane Worth Killing for
  Hearne, Kevin Scourged
  Henaff, Sophie The awkward squad
  Henstra, Sarah The red word
  Heti, Sheila Motherhood
  Hilderbrand, Elin The Perfect Couple
  Hill, Sasscer The dark side of town
  Hillerman, Anne Cave of Bones
  Hilton, Matt Worst Fear
  Hinton, Lynne The View from Here
  Holmberg, Charlie N. The Plastic Magician
  Hooper, Kay Hold Back the Dark
  Howe, K. J. Skyjack : a kidnap-and-ransom thriller
  Iggulden, Conn The Abbot's Tale
  Indridason, Arnaldur The Shadow Killer : A Thriller
  Islington, James An echo of things to come
  Israel, Steve Big Guns
  Jackson, Lisa Liar, Liar
  Jewell, Lisa Then she was gone : a novel
  Johansen, Iris Shattered Mirror
  Johansen, Iris Double Blind
  John, D. B. Star of the North
  Johnson, Chelsey Stray city : a novel
  Keller, Julia Bone on Bone
  Kellerman, Jonathan A Measure of Darkness
  Kenyon, Kay Serpent in the heather
  Kerr, Philip Greeks bearing gifts : a Bernie Gunther novel
  Kidd, Jess Mr. Flood's Last Resort
  Kiernan, Olivia Too close to breathe : a novel
  King, Laurie R. Island of the Mad
  King, Stephen The Outsider
  Kingsbury, Karen To the Moon and Back
  Kitson, Mick Sal
  Klehfoth, Elizabeth All These Beautiful Strangers
  Koontz, Dean The Crooked Staircase
  Kope, Spencer Whispers of the dead
  Koryta, Michael How It Happened
  Kushner, Rachel The mars room
  Kwon, R. O. The Incendiaries
  Lansdale, Joe R. Jackrabbit Smile
  Lauren, Christina Love and other words
  Lawhon, Ariel I was Anastasia : a novel
  Lawrence, Mark Grey sister
  LeCount Myers, Tina The song of all
  Lindsey, Johanna Marry Me by Sundown
  Lustbader, Eric Four Dominions
  Lynch, Christina The Italian party : a novel
  Macomber, Debbie Cottage by the Sea
  Maden, Mike Tom Clancy Line of Sight
  Malliet, G. M. In prior's wood : a Max Tudor mystery
  Mangan, Christine Tangerine : a novel
  Mason, Rhonda Exile's Throne
  Mayes, Frances Women in Sunlight
  McAllister, Tom How to be safe : a novel
  McCafferty, Keith A Death in Eden
  McCall Smith, Alexander The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse
  McCall Smith, Alexander The Quiet Side of Passion
  McDevitt, Jack The long sunset
  McKenzie, Catherine The Good Liar
  McKevett, G. A. Hide and Sneak
  McLain, Paula Love and Ruin
  McLaughlin, James A. Bearskin
  Michaels, Fern Sweet Vengeance
  Michaels, Fern Truth or Dare
  Miller, Derek B. American by day
  Miller, Madeline Circe
  Miller, Sam J Blackfish City : a novel
  Molloy, Aimee The Perfect Mother
  Monroe, Mary One House Over
  Moore, Christopher Noir
  Morris, Mary Gateway to the moon : a novel
  Mosley, Walter Down the river unto the sea
  Mukherjee, Abir A Necessary Evil
  Muller, Marcia The Breakers
  Nay, Roz Our little secret : a novel
  Neggers, Carla Impostor's Lure
  Neggers, Carla The River House
  Nesbo, Jo Macbeth
  Newman, Emma Before Mars
  North, Oliver The Rifleman
  Oates, Joyce Carol Night-gaunts and other tales of suspense
  Offutt, Chris Country dark
  Ondaatje, Michael Warlight
  Palmer, Daniel The First Family
  Palmer, Diana Unbridled
  Paris, B. A. Bring me back : a novel
  Parker, Miriam The Shortest Way Home
  Parker, T. Jefferson Swift Vengeance
  Patterson, James Princess
  Patterson, James Red Alert
  Patterson, James The 17th Suspect
  Patterson, James Texas Ranger
  Patterson, James Murder in Paradise
  Perry, Anne Twenty-One Days
  Peterson, Tracie In Dreams Forgotten
  Peterson, Tracie In places hidden
  Piazza, Jo Charlotte Walsh likes to win : a novel
  Pineda, Jon Let's no one get hurt
  Preston, Douglas The Pharaoh Key
  Pronzini, Bill Give-a-Damn Jones
  Quick, Amanda The Other Lady Vanishes
  Rachman, Tom The Italian teacher
  Redick, Robert V. S. Master assassins
  Reichs, Kathy A Conspiracy of Bones
  Rindell, Suzanne Eagle & Crane
  Robards, Karen The Moscow Deception
  Roberts, Nora Shelter in Place
  Robertson, Eliza Demi-gods
  Roby, Kimberla Lawson Better Late Than Never
  Rosenfelt, David Rescued
  Rosenthal, Reid Lance Footsteps
  Rosenthal, Reid Lance Moccasin Tracks
  Ross, Ann B. Miss Julia Raises the Roof
  Rowson, Pauline Lethal waves
  Sandford, John Twisted Prey
  Sargent, Pamela Season of the Cats
  Scalzi, John Head On
  Scottoline, Lisa Feared
  Scottoline, Lisa After Anna
  Sharp, Adrienne The magnificent Esme Wells : a novel
  Shelton, Paige Lost books and old bones
  Shepard, Sara The Elizas : a novel
  Shepherd, Peng The book of M : a novel
  Sheridan, Sara England Expects
  Shipman, Viola The recipe box : a novel
  Shteyngart, Gary Lake Success : a novel
  Silva, Daniel The Other Woman
  Sittenfeld, Curtis You think it, I'll say it : stories
  Slaughter, Karin Pieces of Her
  Smith, Alisa Speakeasy
  Soule, Charles The Oracle Year
  Souza, Joseph The Neighbor
  Spillane, Mickey The Last Stand
  St. James, Simone The broken girls
  Steadman, Catherine Something in the water : a novel
  Steel, Danielle In His Father's Footsteps
  Steel, Danielle The Cast
  Steel, Danielle The Good Fight
  Stewart, Mariah The Sugarhouse Blues : Library Edition
  Straley, John Baby's first felony
  Strawser, Jessica Not that I could tell
  Street, Karen Lee Edgar Allan Poe and the Jewel of Peru
  Sullivan, Michael J. Age of war
  Swanson, Peter All the beautiful lies : a novel
  Tan, Lucy What We Were Promised
  Teller, Danielle All the ever afters : the untold story of Cinderella's stepmother
  Thayer, Nancy A Nantucket Wedding
  Thomas, Jodi Mornings on Main : A Small-town Texas Novel
  Thompson, Victoria Murder on Union Square
  Thor, Brad Spymaster
  Tillman, Lynne Men and apparitions : a novel
  Trollope, Joanna An Unsuitable Match
  Tully, Daniela Hotel on shadow lake : a novel
  Tyler, Anne Clock Dance
  Umrigar, Thrity The Secrets Between Us
  Valente, Catherynne M. Space opera
  Walsh, Rosie Ghosted
  Ward, Jesmyn Sing, unburied, sing : a novel
  Ware, Ruth The Death of Mrs. Westaway
  Watkins, Eileen The Bengal Identity
  Webb, Debra The Longest Silence
  Weinzweig, Helen Basic black with pearls
  Weisberger, Lauren When Life Gives You Lululemons
  Wells, Martha Rogue Protocol : The Murderbot Diaries
  Wells, Martha Artificial Condition : The Murderbot Diaries
  Whicker, Julia Wonderblood : a novel
  White, Karen Dreams of falling
  Wideman, John Edgar American Histories : Stories
  Wiggs, Susan Between You and Me
  Williams, Joy The changeling
  Winspear, Jacqueline To Die But Once
  Wolf, Deborah A. The Forbidden City
  Wolitzer, Meg The female persuasion
  Woods, Stuart The Money Shot
  Woods, Stuart Shoot First
  Woods, Stuart Turbulence
  Woodson Harvey, Kristy The secret to southern charm : a novel
  Yen, Anna Sophia of Silicon Valley : a novel
  Zumas, Leni Red clocks