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  The rule of law : a novel
  Abbott, Jeff The Three Beths
  Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem Mycroft and Sherlock
  Acker, Camille Training school for Negro girls
  Ackerman, Elliot Waiting for Eden : a novel
  Adam, Claire Golden Child
  Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame Friday black
  Ahnhem, Stefan Eighteen Below
  Ahnhem, Stefan Victim without a face : a Fabian Risk novel
  Ajvide Lindqvist, John I am behind you
  Akers, Zack/ Bronkie, Skip/ Smith, Cote Limetown : The Prequel to the #1 Podcast
  Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Poinsettia Puzzle
  Albom, Mitch The Next Person You Meet in Heaven
  Alexander, Ellie The pint of no return
  Alexander, Tasha Uneasy Lies the Crown
  Andrews, Donna Lark! the Herald Angels Sing
  Anthony, Gretchen Evergreen Tidings from the Baumgartners
  Apekina, Katya The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish
  Archer, Jeffrey Heads You Win
  Arden, Katherine The Winter of the Witch
  Arikawa, Hiro The travelling cat chronicles
  Artson, Barbara Odessa, Odessa : a novel
  Atkinson, Kate Transcription
  Baart, Nicole You were always mine : a novel
  Backlund, J. R. Down the Broken Road : A Rachel Carver Mystery
  Baldacci, David Long Road to Mercy
  Balson, Ronald H The girl from Berlin : a novel
  Baltsar, Suzanne Trouble Brewing
  Bannister, Jo Kindred spirits
  Baratz-Logsted, Lauren The other brother
  Barbash, Tom The Dakota Winters
  Barker, Pat The silence of the girls : a novel
  Barnard, J. E. When the Flood Falls
  Barron, Stephanie That Churchill Woman
  Bassani, Giorgio The Novel of Ferrara
  Beaton, M. C. The Dead Ringer
  Belfoure, Charles The fallen architect
  Benedict, Marie The only woman in the room
  Berg, Elizabeth Night of Miracles
  Berlin, Lucia Evening in paradise : more stories
  Berney, Lou November road : a novel
  Bernhard, Emilia Death in Paris : A Death in Paris Mystery
  Berry, Tamara Seances Are for Suckers
  Blackwell, Juliet The lost carousel of Provence
  Blaedel, Sara The Midnight Witness
  Block, Lawrence A Time to Scatter Stones
  Bohnhoff, Maya Kaathryn The Antiquities Hunter
  Bolton, S. J. The craftsman
  Boone, Ezekiel The Mansion
  Boyd, William Love is blind : the rapture of Brodie Moncur
  Boyle, William Gravesend : a novel
  Brabazon, James The Break Line
  Brackmann, Lisa Black swan rising
  Brackston, Paula The little shop of found things : a novel
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor Master of His Fate
  Bradley, Alan The Golden Tresses of the Dead
  Brady, Eileen Penned
  Braithwaite, Oyinkan My sister, the serial killer : a novel
  Brett, Peter V. Barren
  Brett, Simon Blotto, Twinks and the Intimate Revue
  Brown, Rita Mae Homeward Hound
  Bruen, Ken In the Galway Silence
  Burke, Alafair The ex : a novel
  Burke, James Lee The New Iberia Blues
  Burnet, Graeme Macrae The Accident on the A35 : An Inspector Gorski Investigation
  Burshain, Deror Muck
  Butler, Nickolas The hearts of men : a novel
  Buzzelli, Elizabeth Kane In Want of a Knife : A Little Library Mystery
  Byron, Ellen Mardi Gras Murder : A Cajun Country Mystery
  Callahan, Patti Becoming Mrs. Lewis : The Improbable Love Story of Joy Davidman and C. S. Lewis
  Cameron, Marc Tom Clancy : Oath of Office
  Canadeo, Anne Purls and Poison
  Card, Orson Scott A War of Gifts
  Carey, Edward Little : a novel
  Carey, M. R. Someone Like Me
  Carrasco, Katrina Marie The best bad things
  Chamberlain, Diane The Dream Daughter
  Chase, Julie Cat got your diamonds
  Child, Lee Past Tense
  Child, Lincoln The forgotten room : a novel
  Childs, Laura Eggs on Ice
  Childs, Laura Glitter Bomb
  Clare, Alys The Angel in the Glass
  Clark, Mary Higgins You Don't Own Me
  Coelho, Paulo Hippie
  Colgan, Jenny Christmas on the Island
  Conley, Susan Elsey Come Home
  Connelly, Michael Dark Sacred Night
  Cook, Robin Pandemic
  Coonts, Stephen Satan's Army
  Copperman, E. J. Bird, Bath, and Beyond
  Corey, James S. A. Tiamat's Wrath
  Cornwell, Bernard War of the Wolf
  Crawford, Isis A Catered Cat Wedding
  Cullen, Helen The Lost Letters of William Woolf
  Cussler, Clive Celtic Empire
  Cussler, Clive Sea of Greed
  Daheim, Mary A Case of Bier : A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery
  Daly, Paula Open Your Eyes
  Davila, Amparo The houseguest and other stories
  Davis, Krista The Coloring Crook
  Dekker, Ted Rise of the Mystics
  Delaney, Devon Final Roasting Place
  Delinsky, Barbara Fulfilment
  D'Eramo, Luce Deviation
  Deveraux, Jude A Justified Murder
  Deveraux, Jude A willing murder
  Dewitt, Abigail News of Our Loved Ones
  Doherty, Paul Dark Queen Rising
  Donkor, Michael, Housegirl
  Dubus, Andre, III Gone So Long
  Dunnett, Kaitlyn Overkilt
  Dupont, Eric Songs for the Cold of Heart
  Easley, Warren C. Moving Targets
  Eisler, Barry The Killer Collective
  Ellison, J. T. (EDT) Dead Ends : Stories from the Gothic South
  Enger, Leif Virgil wander
  Ersin, Saygin The pasha of cuisine : a novel
  Eskens, Allen The Shadows We Hide
  Evanovich, Janet Look Alive Twenty-Five
  Evanovich, Janet The Mark
  Evans, Richard Paul The Noel Stranger
  Fairstein, Linda A. Blood Oath
  Faldbakken, Matias The waiter : a novel
  Faulks, Sebastian Paris echo : a novel
  Faye, Lyndsay The paragon hotel
  Fellowes, Jessica Bright Young Dead
  Fenske, Tawna This time around
  Fforde, Jasper Early Riser
  Fielding, Joy All the Wrong Places
  Finder, Joseph Judgment : a novel
  Fink, Joseph Alice Isn't Dead
  Fletcher, Martin Promised land : a novel of Israel
  Flower, Amanda Death and Daisies : A Magic Garden Mystery
  Fluke, Joanne Chocolate Cream Pie Murder
  Fluke, Joanne Christmas Cake Murder
  Flynn, Vince Red War
  Forsyth, Frederick The Fox
  Fowler, Christopher Bryant & May : hall of mirrors : a Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery
  Fowler, Therese Anne A Well-behaved Woman : A Novel of the Vanderbilts
  Fox, Hester The Witch of Willow Hall
  Francis, Felix Crisis
  French, Tana The Witch Elm
  Fuller, Claire Bitter orange
  Gabriele, Lisa The winters : a novel
  Gadol, Peter The Stranger Game
  Gardner, Lisa Never Tell
  Gaynor, Hazel The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
  Gazdanov, Gaito The Beggar and Other Stories
  George, Margaret The splendor before the dark : a novel of the Emperor Nero
  Gillham, David R. Annelies
  Grady, Wayne Up from freedom : a novel
  Graham, Heather Echoes of evil
  Gran, Sara The Infinite Blacktop
  Graves, Sarah Death by Chocolate Malted Milkshake
  Greaney, Mark Mission Critical
  Green, Hank An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
  Green, Hank An absolutely remarkable thing : a novel
  Griffin, W. E. B. The Enemy of My Enemy
  Griffiths, Elly The Vanishing Box
  Grippando, James The girl in the glass box
  Grisham, John The Reckoning
  Gross, Andrew Button Man
  Guillory, Jasmine The proposal
  Hagberg, David Face Off
  Haines, Carolyn A Gift of Bones
  Hall, Louisa Trinity : a novel
  Hambly, Barbara Cold bayou
  Hamilton, Steve An Honorable Assassin
  Harman, Patricia Once a Midwife
  Harris, Charlaine An Easy Death
  Harrison, Mette Ivie Not of this fold
  Harrison, Sarah Love in a Mist
  Harvey, Michael Pulse
  Harvey, Samantha The western wind
  Heard, Wendy Hunting Annabelle
  Hechtman, Betty On the Hook : A Crochet Mystery
  Higashino, Keigo Newcomer
  Hilderbrand, Elin Winter in Paradise
  Hill, Edwin Little comfort
  Hoag, Tami The Boy
  Hobson, Melanie Summer cannibals
  Honeyman, Gail. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
  Horowitz, Anthony Forever and a Day
  Howard, Rosie The Homecoming
  Huber, Anna Lee Treacherous Is the Night
  Hull, Jeff Broken field : a novel
  Hulse, Caroline The adults : a novel
  Hunt, Laird In the House in the Dark of the Woods
  Hunt, Tom One fatal mistake
  Hurley, Andrew Michael Devil's day
  Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew Out of the dark : the return of Orphan X
  Hyzy, Julie Virtual Sabotage
  Ide, Joe Wrecked
  Ison, Graham Deadlock
  Jackson, Jeff Destroy all monsters : the last rock novel
  Jackson, Shelley Riddance : Or: the Sybil Joines Vocational School for Ghost Speakers & Hearing-mouth Children
  James, E. L. Darker
  Johansen, Iris Vendetta
  Johnson, Craig Depth of winter
  Jones, Darynda The dirt on ninth grave
  Keith, Ellen The Dutch wife
  Kelk, Lindsey One in a Million
  Kellerman, Jonathan. The Wedding Guest: An Alex Delaware Novel.
  Kenney, John Talk to Me
  Kim, Eugenia The kinship of secrets
  King, Stephen Elevation
  Kingsbury, Karen When we were young
  Kingsbury, Kate Be Our Ghost : A Merry Ghost Inn Mystery
  Kingsolver, Barbara Unsheltered
  Kinsella, Sophie I owe you one : a novel
  Kleypas, Lisa Devil's Daughter : The Ravenels Meet the Wallflowers
  Kochai, Jamil Jan 99 Nights in Logar
  Krentz, Jayne Ann Untouchable
  Lauren, Christina Josh and Hazel's guide to not dating
  Leslie, Alex We All Need to Eat
  Lester, Natasha The Paris Seamstress
  Lethem, Jonathan The Feral Detective
  Lewis, Marjorie Herrera When the Men Were Gone
  Lindsey, Erin Murder on Millionaires' Row
  Lipman, Elinor Good riddance
  Lorrimer, Claire Love Lies Waiting : A Victorian Romance
  Lourey, Jess Mercy's chase
  Lupica, Mike Robert B. Parker's Blood Feud
  Mackintosh, Sophie The Water Cure
  Macmillan, Gilly I know you know : a novel
  MacNeal, Susan Elia The queen's accomplice : a Maggie Hope mystery
  Macomber, Debbie Alaskan Holiday
  Maher, Kerri The Kennedy debutante
  Majors, Inman Penelope Lemon : game on!
  Mallery, Susan Not Quite over You
  Mallery, Susan Why not tonight
  Martin, Alexa. Intercepted
  Martin, Demetri 19 1/2 Stories
  Mason, Rhonda Exile's Throne
  Mawer, Simon Prague spring
  Mayor, Archer Bury the Lead
  McCall Smith, Alexander The Colors of All the Cattle
  McCarthy, Kevin Wolves of Eden : a novel
  McCoy, Sarah Marilla of Green Gables
  McCrum, Mark Cruising to Murder
  McDermid, Val Broken Ground
  McGarrity, Michael Residue
  McGeorge, Chris Guess who : a novel
  Mckevett, G. A. Murder in Her Stocking
  McNaught, Judith The Sweetest Thing
  McNear, Mary The Secrets We Carried
  McPherson, Catriona Go to My Grave
  Meier, Leslie Silver Anniversary Murder
  Meier, Leslie/ Hollis, Lee/ Ross, Barbara Yule log murder
  Mejia, Mindy Leave no trace : a novel
  Meuleman, Sarah Find me gone : a novel
  Miller, Linda Lael The Blue and the Gray
  Mingarelli, Hubert Four soldiers : a novel
  Mishima, Yukio The Frolic of the Beasts
  Morgan, Sarah The Christmas Sisters
  Moriarty, Liane Nine Perfect Strangers
  Mort, John Down along the piney : Ozarks stories
  Morton, Kate The Clockmaker's Daughter
  Murakami, Haruki Killing Commendatore
  Neill, Fiona The betrayals
  Nemett, Adam We can save us all : a novel
  Nettel, Guadalupe After the winter
  Noble, Shelley Ask me no questions
  Noonan, Rosalind The Sisters
  North, Oliver The Rifleman
  Novak, Brenda Before We Were Strangers
  Novey, Idra Those who knew
  Oates, Joyce Carol Hazards of Time Travel
  Obregon, Nicolas Sins as scarlet
  Odden, Karen A Dangerous Duet
  Olsson, Kristina Shell : a novel
  Osborn, John Jay Listen to the marriage
  Owens, Delia Where the crawdads sing
  Page, Kathy Dear Evelyn
  Palmer, Diana Wyoming Legend
  Palmer, Parker J On the brink of everything : grace, gravity, and getting old
  Palombo, Alyssa The Spellbook of Katrina Van Tassel : A Story of Sleepy Hollow
  Paretsky, Sara Shell Game
  Park, Samuel The Caregiver
  Parry, Ambrose The way of all flesh
  Patterson, James Target
  Patterson, James Ambush
  Patterson, James Killer Instinct
  Patterson, James Liar Liar
  Pellegrini, Enrico Something great and beautiful : a novel of love, Wall street, and focaccia
  Penny, Louise Kingdom of the blind
  Perry, Anne A Christmas Revelation
  Perry, Sarah Melmoth
  Perry, Thomas The Burglar
  Perumal Murugan One part woman
  Petrie, Nicholas Tear it down
  Picoult, Jodi A Spark of Light
  Pike, Signe The lost queen : a novel
  Porter, Henry Firefly
  Potenza, Carol Hearts of the missing
  Preston, Douglas. Verses for the dead
  Pronzini, Bill The Flimflam Affair
  Quigley, Jeanne Cast for Murder
  Ragnar Jonasson The darkness : a thriller
  Rankin, Ian In a House of Lies
  Raymond, Emily White Elephant
  Reichs, Kathy Conspiracy of Bones
  Reilly, Matthew The Three Secret Cities
  Rice, Anne Blood Communion
  Rice, Waubgeshig Moon of the Crusted Snow
  Robb, J. D. Connections in death : an Eve Dallas novel
  Roberts, Nora Of Blood and Bone
  Robinson, Peter Careless love : an Inspector Banks novel
  Robotham, Michael The Other Wife
  Rollins, James Crucible
  Rooney, Sally Conversations with friends : a novel
  Rorke, Robert Car Trouble
  Rose, Heather The Museum of Modern Love
  Rosenfelt, David Deck the Hounds
  Rosenthal, Reid Lance Moccasin Tracks
  Rosnay, Tatiana de The Rain Watcher
  Ross, Helen Klein. What was mine : a novel
  Ross, JoAnn Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane
  Rossner, Rena The sisters of the winter wood
  Roy, Anuradha All the lives we never lived : a novel
  Ruiz Zafon, Carlos The labyrinth of the spirits : a novel
  Sandford, John Holy Ghost
  Sargent, Pamela Season of the Cats
  Sargent, Pamela Season of the Cats
  Schaler, Karen Christmas camp : a novel
  Schulman, Helen Come With Me
  Schwab, V. E. Vengeful
  Schwille, Kathryn. What luck, this life
  Scragg, Robert What Falls Between the Cracks
  Serre, Anne The governesses
  Shapiro, Barbara A. The collector's apprentice
  Shaw, M. B. Murder at the mill : a mystery
  Shteyngart, Gary Lake Success : a novel
  Silver, Josie One Day in December
  Simms, Chris Loose Tongues
  Simonds, Merilyn Refuge : a novel
  Sjon Codex 1962
  Smith, Ian The ancient nine : a novel
  Smith, Michael Marshall Hannah Green and Her Unfeasibly Mundane Existence
  Smith, Wilbur A. Courtney's war
  Snoekstra, Anna The Spite Game
  Solomons, Natasha House of gold
  Sparks, Nicholas Every Breath
  St. Vincent, Sarah Ways to Hide in Winter
  Stansfield, Katherine The Magpie Tree
  Starr, Jason Fugitive Red
  Steel, Danielle Beauchamp Hall : a novel
  Steel, Danielle Turning Point
  Stevens, Taylor Liars Paradox
  Stoker, Dacre/ Barker, J. D. Dracul
  Stonich, Sarah Laurentian Divide
  Swanwick, Michael. The iron dragon's daughter
  Taylor, Goldie Paper gods : a novel of money, race, and politics in Atlanta
  Taylor, Patrick An Irish Country Cottage
  Thayne, RaeAnne Season of Wonder
  Thomas, Sherry The hollow of fear
  Thomas, Will Blood is blood
  Thompson, Jean A cloud in the shape of a girl : a novel
  Thompson, Victoria City of Secrets
  Tilly, Meg Solace Island
  Tjia, M. J. She Be Damned
  Todd, Charles The Black Ascot : an Inspector Ian Rutledge mystery
  Todd, Charles A forgotten place : a Bess Crawford mystery
  Torday, Daniel Boomer1
  Trigiani, Adriana Tony's Wife
  Trow, M. J. Queen's Progress
  Turtledove, Harry Through darkest Europe
  Turton, Stuart The 7 1
  Unger, Lisa Under My Skin
  VanLiere, Donna The Christmas Star
  Vargas, Fred The Accordionist
  Vasquez, Juan Gabriel The Shape of the Ruins
  Veletzos, Roxanne The girl they left behind : a novel
  Vernon, P. J. When You Find Me
  Walker, Karen Thompson The Dreamers
  Walsh, Rosie Ghosted : a novel
  Wang, Kathy Family trust : a novel
  Ward, J. R. Consumed
  Weber, Katharine. Still life with monkey
  Weiss, Leah If the creek don't rise : a novel
  Wells, Martha Exit Strategy
  Winston, Lolly Me for You
  Wohlsdorf, Gina Blood highway : a novel
  Woods, Stuart A Delicate Touch
  Woods, Stuart Desperate Measures
  Work, James C Unmentionable murders
  Wright, Camron Steve Christmas by accident
  Wright, Erica The Blue Kingfisher
  Wright, Julie Lies, Love, and Breakfast at Tiffany's
  Yan, Lianke The day the sun died : a novel
  Yokoyama, Hideo Seventeen
  Yu, Ovidia The Frangipani Tree Mystery