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  Abbott, Jeff Blame
  Adler, Elizabeth Better Than Revenge
  Allende, Isabel In the Midst of Winter
  Alomar, Osama The teeth of the comb and other stories
  Archer, Jeffrey Tell Tale : Short Stories
  Atkins, Ace The Fallen
  Baker, Angelica Our Little Racket
  Baldacci, David End Game
  Bannister, Jo Other countries
  Barnes, Steven Twelve Days
  Barrett, Lorna A just clause
  Barton, Fiona The Child
  Bates, Callie The Waking Land
  Beaton, M. C. The Witches Tree
  Beattie, Ann The accomplished guest : stories
  Beck, Haylen Here and gone : a novel
  Belcher, R. S. The Queen of Swords
  Benford, Gregory The Berlin Project
  Benton, Janet Lilli de Jong : a novel
  Berenson, Laurien Murder at the Puppy Fest
  Berenson, Laurien Wagging Through the Snow
  Berg, Elizabeth The Story of Arthur Truluv : a novel
  Bjork, Samuel The Owl Always Hunts at Night
  Black, Cara Murder in Saint-Germain
  Black, Saul Lovemurder
  Block, Lawrence Keller's Fedora
  Boling, Dave The lost history of stars
  Bouman, Tom Fateful Mornings
  Bowen, Rhys On her majesty's frightfully secret service
  Bowen, Rhys The Ghost of Christmas Past
  Box, C. J. Paradise Valley
  Boyle, T. Coraghessan The Relive Box and Other Stories
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor Secrets of Cavendon
  Brockmann, Suzanne Some Kind of Hero
  Brookmyre, Christopher The last hack : a Jack Parlabane thriller
  Brooks, Mike Dark sky
  Brown, Dan Origin
  Brown, Janelle Watch me disappear : a novel
  Brown, Rita Mae Crazy Like a Fox
  Brown, Sandra Seeing Red
  Browning, Barbara The gift (or, techniques of the body)
  Bruen, Ken The Ghosts of Galway
  Brunstetter, Wanda E. The farmers' market mishap
  Campbell, Michele It's always the husband
  Cantor, Jillian The lost letter : a novel
  Card, Orson Scott A War of Gifts
  Carlisle, Kate Once upon a spine : a bibliophile mystery
  Carrasco, Jesus Out in the open : a novel
  Castillo, Linda Down a dark road
  Chance, Maia Bad housekeeping
  Chancellor, Bryn Sycamore : a novel
  Chen, Curtis C Kangaroo too
  Chiaverini, Jennifer Fates and traitors : a novel of John Wilkes Booth
  Child, Lee The Midnight Line
  Clark, Mary Higgins Snow White, Deadly Night
  Coben, Harlan Don't Let Go
  Coes, Ben Trap the Devil
  Colbert, Brandy Little & Lion
  Colgan, Jenny The cafe by the sea : a novel
  Connelly, Michael The Late Show
  Connelly, Michael Two Kinds of Truth
  Connolly, John A Game of Ghosts
  Cook, Robin Charlatans
  Coonts, Stephen The Armageddon File
  Coulter, Catherine Enigma
  Crais, Robert The Wanted
  Creech, Sarah The whole way home : a novel
  Cussler, Clive The Romanov Ransom
  Cussler, Clive Typhoon Fury
  Daheim, Mary A Case of Bier : A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery
  Dailey, Janet Texas Fierce
  Dave, Laura Hello, Sunshine
  Davis, Lindsey The Third Nero
  De Muriel, Oscar A fever of the blood
  Delaney, Wray An almond for a parrot
  Demchuk, David The Bone Mother
  Demetrios, Heather Bad romance
  DeMille, Nelson The Cuban Affair
  Deutermann, Peter T. Red Swan
  Dial, Connie The third hell
  Dionne, Karen The Marsh King's daughter
  Dobson, Melanie Catching the wind
  Duffy, Lisa The salt house
  Durst, Sarah Beth The reluctant queen
  Easley, Warren C Blood for wine : a Cal Claxton Oregon mystery
  Egan, Greg Dichronauts
  Eisler, Barry Zero Sum
  Eldridge, Jim Assassins : an Inspector Stark mystery
  Eldridge, Jim Shadows of the Dead
  Elsberg, Marc Blackout : a novel
  Emmich, Val The reminders
  Ephron, Hallie You'll never know, dear : a novel of suspense
  Erdrich, Louise Future Home of the Living God
  Eugenides, Jeffrey Fresh Complaint : Stories
  Evanovich, Janet Dangerous Minds
  Evanovich, Janet Hardcore Twenty-Four
  Evans, Richard Paul The Noel Diary
  Fairstein, Linda A. Deadfall
  Fallon, Siobhan The confusion of languages
  Falvey, Patricia The girls of Ennismore
  Farrow, John Perish the day : a thriller
  Feist, Raymond E. King of Ashes
  Fenton, Liz The good widow : a novel
  Fergus, Jim The Vengeance of Mothers
  Fitch, Janet The Revolution of Marina M.
  Flynn, Kathleen The Jane Austen Project
  Follett, Ken A Column of Fire
  Ford, Jamie Love and Other Consolation Prizes
  Freed, Lynn The last laugh : a novel
  Fuller, Alexandra Quiet Until the Thaw
  Gabaldon, Diana Seven stones to stand or fall : a collection of Outlander fiction
  Gallagher, Mia Beautiful Pictures of the Lost Homeland
  Ganshert, Katie Life after : a novel
  Gardiner, Meg Unsub : a novel
  Garlock, Dorothy The Nearness of You
  Garwood, Julie Wired
  George, Nina The little French bistro : a novel
  Gerritsen, Tess I Know a Secret
  Ginder, Grant The people we hate at the wedding
  Glass, Julia A house among the trees : a novel
  Goddard, Robert The ends of the earth
  Goldberg, Lee Matthew The mentor : a thriller
  Goldberg, Leonard S. The daughter of Sherlock Holmes : a novel
  Golden, Christie Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets : The Official Movie Novelization
  Goldman, Matthew Gone to Dust
  Gowdy, Barbara Little sister
  Grafton, Sue Y Is For--
  Gragg, Walt The red line
  Graham, Heather Wicked Deeds
  Graham, Heather American Drifter
  Graham, Heather Dark Rites
  Green, Simon R. Very important corpses
  Green, Simon R. Dead Man Walking : A Country House Murder Mystery With a Supernatural Twist
  Green, Simon R. Death Shall Come : A Country House Murder Mystery
  Greenlaw, Linda Shiver hitch
  Greer, Andrew Sean Less
  Gregory, Philippa The Last Tudor
  Grodstein, Lauren Our short history
  Gross, Andrew The Saboteur
  Gudenkauf, Heather Not a sound
  Gunn, James Transformation
  Hadley, Tessa Bad dreams and other stories
  Hamilton, Glen Erik Every day above ground
  Hanks, Tom Uncommon type : some stories
  Harbison, Elizabeth M. Every Time You Go Away
  Harper, Jordan She rides shotgun
  Harris, Charlaine Indigo
  Harris, Charlaine Sleep Like a Baby
  Harrison, Colin You belong to me : a novel
  Harrison, Cora An unjust judge
  Harrison, Lisi The Dirty Book Club
  Hart, Carolyn G. Ghost on the Case
  Heathcote, Elizabeth Undertow
  Heley, Veronica False fire : a Bea Abbot Agency mystery
  Herbert, A. L. Murder with macaroni and cheese : a Mahalia Watkins soul food mystery
  Hilderbrand, Elin Winter Solstice
  Hill, Joe Strange Weather : Four Short Novels
  Hilton, L. S. Domina
  Hoag, Tami The Boy
  Hoffman, Alice The Rules of Magic
  Hogsett, Annie Too lucky to live
  Holt, Anne Odd numbers : a Hanne Wilhelmsen novel
  Housewright, David What the dead leave behind
  Howard, Linda The Woman Left Behind
  Jackson, Joshilyn The Almost Sisters
  Jaeggy, Fleur I am the brother of XX
  Jance, Judith A. Proof of Life
  Jgo, Yves The Sun King Conspiracy
  Johansen, Iris Look Behind You
  Johansen, Iris Mind Game
  Johnson, Jeff Lucky supreme : a novel of many crimes
  Kanon, Joseph Defectors : a novel
  Karon, Jan To Be Where You Are
  Keller, Julia Fast Falls the Night
  Kellerman, Faye Killing Season
  Kellerman, Jonathan Crime Scene
  Kilpack, Josi S. The lady of the lakes : the true love story of Sir Walter Scott
  King, Stephen Sleeping Beauties
  Kingsbury, Karen In This Moment
  Klam, Matthew Who is Rich? : a novel
  Koontz, Dean R. The Silent Corner
  Kress, Nancy Tomorrow's Kin
  Kubica, Mary Every Last Lie
  Kukafka, Danya Girl in Snow
  Le Carre, John A Legacy of Spies
  Lee, Tosca Moon Firstborn
  Leininger, Robert Gumshoe for two
  Lent, Jeffrey Before we sleep : a novel
  Lepionka, Kristen The last place you look
  Lester, Jem Shtum : a novel
  Levez, Olivia The Circus
  Levine, David D. Arabella and the Battle of Venus
  Levine, Laura Death of a bachelorette
  Levinson, David Tell me how this ends well : a novel
  Lindsey, Johanna Beautiful Tempest
  Longworth, M. L. The curse of La Fontaine : a Verlaque and Bonnet mystery
  Lotz, Sarah The white road
  Lunde, Maja The history of bees : a novel
  Macomber, Debbie Any Dream Will Do
  Macomber, Debbie Merry and Bright
  Maden, Mike Tom Clancy point of contact
  Magson, Adrian Dark asset : a Marc Portman thriller
  Maguire, Gregory Hiddensee
  Malerman, Josh Black mad wheel
  Mallery, Susan Second Chance Girl
  Mallery, Susan Secrets of the Tulip Sisters
  Mallery, Susan You Say It First
  Maron, Margaret Take Out
  Martin, Demetri 19.5
  Martini, Steve The Secret Partner
  Mathews, Francine Death on Nantucket
  Maum, Courtney Touch
  Mayor, Archer Trace
  Mccall Smith, Alexander The House of Unexpected Sisters
  McCall Smith, Alexander A Distant View of Everything
  McDermott, Alice The Ninth Hour
  Meltzer, Brad The Escape Artist
  Messud, Claire The Burning Girl
  Michaels, Fern Holly and Ivy
  Michaels, Fern Need to Know
  Miller, Linda Lael A Snow Country Christmas
  Miller, Sam J. The Art of Starving
  Millet, Lydia Sweet lamb of heaven : a novel
  Minato, Kanae Penance
  Modesitt, L. E., Jr. Assassin's price
  Monroe, Mary Alice Beach house for rent
  Muller, Marcia The Color of Fear
  Myers, Amy Dancing with death : a Nell Drury mystery
  Neggers, Carla Thief's Mark
  Nugent, Liz Unraveling Oliver : a novel
  Osborne, Lawrence Beautiful animals : a novel
  Palmer, Diana Undaunted
  Palmer, Diana Wyoming Winter
  Pamuk, Orhan The Red-haired Woman
  Paris, B. A. The breakdown
  Parker, T. Jefferson The room of white fire
  Patterson, James Count to Ten
  Patterson, James Haunted
  Patterson, James Murder Games
  Patterson, James The People vs. Alex Cross
  Patterson, James The Store
  Penny, Louise Glass Houses
  Perrotta, Tom Mrs. Fletcher
  Perry, Anne An Echo of Murder
  Perry, Anne A Christmas Return
  Perry, Sarah The Essex Serpent : a novel
  Persson, Leif G. W. The dying detective : a mystery
  Peters, Elizabeth The painted queen
  Peterson, Holly It happens in the Hamptons : a novel
  Peterson, Tracie Beloved Hope
  Phillips, Gin Fierce kingdom : a novel
  Potzsch, Oliver The play of death : a hangman's daughter tale
  Pulley, Natasha The Bedlam Stacks
  Putney, Mary Jo Once a rebel
  Pyne, Daniel Catalina eddy : a novel in three decades
  Quick, Matthew The Reason You're Alive
  Quinn, Spencer The Right Side
  Ramqvist, Karolina The white city
  Redel, Victoria Before everything
  Reich, Christopher The Take
  Reichs, Kathy Two Nights
  Richmond, Michelle The Marriage Pact
  Rieger, Susan The heirs : a novel
  Robb, Candace M A twisted vengeance : a Kate Clifford mystery
  Robb, J. D. Secrets in Death
  Roberts, Nora Year One
  Robinson, Peter Sleeping in the Ground
  Robotham, Michael The Secrets She Keeps
  Robson, Jennifer Goodnight from London : a novel
  Roby, Kimberla Lawson Sin of a woman
  Rose, Augustus The readymade thief
  Rose, M. J. The Library of Light and Shadow
  Rosenfelt, David Collared
  Rovin, Jeff Tom Clancy's Op-Center. Dark zone
  Roy, Arundhati The ministry of utmost happiness : a novel
  Ryan, Anthony The legion of flame
  Sager, Riley Final girls : a novel
  Sandford, John Deep Freeze
  Sargent, Pamela Season of the Cats
  Scott, Joanna Careers for women : a novel
  Scottoline, Lisa Exposed
  Sefton, Maggie Only skein deep
  Shalvis, Jill Lost and found sisters
  Shaw, William The Birdwatcher
  Sheridan, Sara London calling
  Silva, Daniel House of Spies
  Singh, Nalini Silver silence : a Psy-changeling trinity novel
  Slaughter, Karin The Good Daughter
  Southwood, Kate Evensong : a novel
  Spindler, Erica The Other Girl
  Steel, Danielle Past perfect : a novel
  Steel, Danielle The Right Time
  Steel, Danielle Fairytale
  Steel, Danielle The duchess : a novel
  Steiner, Susie Persons unknown : a novel
  Stromme, Lisa The girl between
  Sullivan, Matthew Midnight at the Bright Ideas bookstore : a novel
  Tanenbaum, Robert Without Fear or Favor
  Taylor, Ann Kidd The shark club
  Taylor, Patrick An Irish Country Practice
  Thayne, Raeanne Serenity Harbor
  Thompson, Victoria City of lies
  Thor, Brad Use of Force : A Thriller
  Thurlo, David Kill the Heroes
  Todd, Charles Casualty of War
  Tolkien, J. R. R. Beren and Luthien
  Tucker, K. A. Until it fades : a novel
  Vatsal, Radha Murder between the lines
  Walker, Martin The Templars' last secret : a Bruno, Chief of Police novel
  Walker, Wendy Emma in the night
  Wang, Daren The hidden light of Northern fires : a novel
  Ware, Ruth The Lying Game
  Wells, Martha The harbors of the sun
  Wiggs, Susan Map of the Heart
  William, Eli K. P. The Naked World
  Williams, Beatriz Cocoa Beach
  Williams, David When the English fall : a novel
  Williams, Tad The Witchwood Crown
  Womack, Gwendolyn The fortune teller : a novel
  Wood, Les Dark Side of the Moon
  Woods, Stuart Barely Legal
  Woods, Stuart Quick & Dirty
  Zelazny, Roger. A night in the lonesome October
  Zevin, Gabrielle Young Jane Young