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  Abbott, Megan Give Me Your Hand
  Ackerman, Elliot Waiting for Eden : a novel
  Akers, Zack Limetown : The Prequel to the #1 Podcast
  Albert, Susan Wittig The Darling Dahlias and the Poinsettia Puzzle
  Albom, Mitch The Next Person You Meet in Heaven
  Alger, Cristina The Banker's Wife
  Ambrose, Marty Claire's Last Secret : A Historical Mystery Featuring Lord Byron
  Andrews, Donna Lark! the Herald Angels Sing
  Andrews, Ilona Magic Triumphs
  Archer, Jeffrey Heads You Win
  Arden, Katherine The Winter of the Witch
  Arthurs, Alexia How to Love a Jamaican
  Arvin, Nick. Mad boy : an account of Henry Phipps in the War of 1812 : a novel
  Ashdown, Isabel Little sister
  Atherton, Nancy Aunt Dimity and the King's Ransom
  Atkins, Ace The Sinners
  Atkins, Lucy The night visitor
  Atkinson, Kate Transcription
  Baldacci, David Long Road to Mercy
  Banner, A. J. After Nightfall
  Barbash, Tom The Dakota Winters
  Barclay, Linwood A noise downstairs : a novel
  Barker, Pat The silence of the girls : a novel
  Barrell, Nicole The Hollow
  Bauer, Belinda Snap
  Beaton, M. C. The Dead Ringer
  Bell, David Somebody's Daughter
  Belle, Kimberly Three Days Missing
  Benn, James R. Solemn Graves
  Bennett, Robert Jackson Foundryside
  Berenson, Laurien Ruff Justice
  Berg, Elizabeth Night of Miracles
  Berry, Flynn A Double Life
  Billingham, Mark The Killing Habit
  Billingsley, ReShonda Tate The book in room 316
  Blaedel, Sara The Midnight Witness
  Blauner, Peter Sunrise Highway
  Bonnaffons, Amy The Wrong Heaven
  Boone, Ezekiel The Mansion
  Borman, Tracy The King's Witch
  Bouanani, Ahmed The hospital : a tale in black and white
  Bowen, Rhys Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding
  Boyd, William Love is blind : the rapture of Brodie Moncur
  Bradford, Barbara Taylor Master of His Fate
  Braithwaite, Oyinkan My sister, the serial killer : a novel
  Brett, Simon A Deadly Habit
  Brock, Amber Lady be good : a novel
  Brooker, Charlie Black Mirror : A Literary Season
  Brooks, Karen The Locksmith's Daughter
  Brown, Rita Mae Homeward Hound
  Brown, Sandra Tailspin
  Bruen, Ken In the Galway Silence
  Bruns, Don No second chances
  Brydon, James The Moment Before Drowning
  Budewitz, Leslie As the Christmas cookie crumbles : a food lover's village mystery
  Burton, Tara Isabella Social creature : a novel
  Butland, Stephanie The lost for words bookshop : a novel
  Butler, J L Mine : a novel of obsession
  Campbell, Michele She was the quiet one
  Canadeo, Anne Purls and Poison
  Cannon, Joanna Three things about Elsie : a novel
  Cannon, Nick King of the dancehall
  Cantero, Edgar This body's not big enough for both of us : a novel
  Carbo, Christine A sharp solitude : a novel of suspense
  Card, Orson Scott A War of Gifts
  Carlisle, Kate Buried in Books
  Carpenter, Lea Red, white, blue : a novel
  Castillo, Linda A Gathering of Secrets
  Chambers, Becky Record of a Spaceborn Few
  Chariandy, David John Brother : a novel
  Chen, Katherine Mary B : a novel
  Child, Lee Past Tense
  Childs, Laura Glitter Bomb
  Chong, Yu-jong The good son : a novel
  Christensen, Kate The Last Cruise
  Christopher, Adam The Dead Stars
  Citkowitz, Evgenia The shades : a novel
  Clark, Julie A. The ones we choose : a novel
  Clark, Mary Higgins You Don't Own Me
  Clark, Tracy Broken places : a Chicago mystery
  Coelho, Paulo Hippie
  Coes, Ben Bloody Sunday
  Cohen, Jon Harry's trees
  Cole, Courtney Saving Beck
  Cole, Daniel Hangman
  Connelly, Michael Dark Sacred Night
  Connolly, Sheila Murder at the mansion
  Coonts, Stephen Satan's Army
  Cooper, Ellison Caged
  Copperman, E. J. Bird, Bath, and Beyond
  Cornick, Nicola The Phantom Tree
  Cornwell, Bernard War of the Wolf
  Correia, Larry Saints
  Cotterill, Colin Don't Eat Me
  Coulter, Catherine Paradox
  Cowell, Alan Cat flap
  Crace, Jim The Melody
  Crandall, Susan The myth of perpetual summer
  Cullen, Helen The Lost Letters of William Woolf
  Cusk, Rachel Kudos
  Cussler, Clive Celtic Empire
  Cussler, Clive Shadow Tyrants
  Daheim, Mary A Case of Bier : A Bed-and-Breakfast Mystery
  Dailey, Janet Texas Free
  Daly, Paula Open Your Eyes
  Dams, Jeanne M. Crisis at the cathedral : a Dorothy Martin mystery
  Davis, Fiona The Masterpiece
  Davis, Krista The Coloring Crook
  Davis, Lindsey Pandora's Boy
  Dawson, Maddie Matchmaking for beginners : a novel
  De Bernieres, Louis So much life left over : a novel
  De Muriel, Oscar A mask of shadows
  Delaney, Devon Final Roasting Place
  Delaney, J P. Believe me : a novel
  DelBianco, Rae Rough animals : a novel
  Delinsky, Barbara Before and Again
  Denzel, Jason Mystic Dragon
  D'Eramo, Luce Deviation
  Deutermann, Peter T. The Iceman
  Deveraux, Jude A Willing Murder
  deWitt, Patrick French exit
  Di Ionno, Mark Gods of Wood and Stone
  Dion, Katharine The dependents : a novel
  Doan, Amy Mason The Summer List
  Doiron, Paul Stay Hidden
  Douglas, Claire Last Seen Alive
  Dugoni, Robert A Steep price
  Dunn, Carola The Corpse at the Crystal Palace
  Dunnett, Kaitlyn Crime & punctuation
  Eames, Nicholas Bloody Rose
  Edugyan, Esi Washington Black : a novel
  Ellison, J. T. Tear Me Apart
  Emrys, Ruthanna Deep Roots
  Evanovich, Janet Look Alive Twenty-Five
  Evanovich, Janet The Mark
  Evans, Richard Paul The Noel Stranger
  Fellowes, Jessica Bright Young Dead
  Fenton, Liz Girls' Night Out
  Fesperman, Dan Safe Houses
  Finley, Jeremy The darkest time of night
  Florio, Gwen Silent hearts
  Flower, Amanda Death and Daisies : A Magic Garden Mystery
  Flower, Amanda Flowers and foul play : a magic garden mystery
  Fluke, Joanne Christmas Cake Murder
  Ford, Jack Chariot on the mountain : a novel
  Forsyth, Frederick The Fox
  Foster, Lori Cooper's charm
  Fowler, Therese Anne A Well-behaved Woman : A Novel of the Vanderbilts
  Fox, Hester The Witch of Willow Hall
  Franqui, Leah America for Beginners
  Frazier, Whit Harlem Mosaics
  Frear, Caz Sweet Little Lies
  Freeman, Dianne A lady's guide to etiquette and murder
  Freiman, Lexi Inappropriation : a novel
  French, Nicci The day of the dead : a novel
  French, Tana The Witch Elm
  Frey, Rea Not her daughter
  Friedland, Elyssa The intermission
  Gadol, Peter The Stranger Game
  Gates, Eva The spook in the stacks : a Lighthouse Library mystery
  Gay, William The lost country
  Gaynor, Hazel The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter
  Giffin, Emily All we ever wanted : a novel
  Giles, Stephen The Boy at the Keyhole
  Gilman, Laura Anne Red Waters Rising
  Giordano, Raphaelle Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One
  Glendinning, Victoria The butcher's daughter
  Goldberg, Leonard A study in treason
  Goolrick, Robert The Dying of the Light
  Gortner, C. W. The Romanov Empress : A Novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovna
  Goss, Theodora European Travel for the Monstrous Gentlewoman
  Graham, Heather Pale As Death
  Graham, Heather Echoes of Evil
  Grant, Sofia The Daisy Children
  Green, Marti The good twin
  Greenlaw, Linda Bimini twist
  Greenwood, T. Rust & stardust
  Griffin, Laura Desperate Girls
  Griffiths, Elly The Vanishing Box
  Gross, Andrew Button Men
  Gumbiner, Daniel The Boatbuilder
  Hall, Louisa Trinity : a novel
  Hamilton, Laurell K. Serpentine
  Hamilton, Steve Dead man running
  Hamilton, Steve An Honorable Assassin
  Hammer, Lotte The Night Ferry
  Hannah, Sophie The Mystery of Three Quarters
  Harbison, Elizabeth M. Every Time You Go Away
  Harding, Robyn. Her pretty face
  Harper, Molly Ain't she a peach
  Harris, Charlaine An Easy Death
  Harris, Tessa The angel makers
  Hartley, A. J. Lies that bind us : a novel
  Hartsuyker, Linnea The Sea Queen
  Harvey, Michael Pulse
  Hasburgh, Patrick Pirata
  Haynes, Elizabeth Never Alone
  Headley, Maria Dahvana The mere wife
  Healey, Emma Whistle in the Dark
  Hearne, Kevin Kill the Farm Boy
  Heng, Rachel Suicide club : a novel
  Higashino, Keigo Newcomer
  Hilderbrand, Elin Winter in Paradise
  Hoag, Tami The Boy
  Hogsett, Annie Murder to the metal
  Hoover, Colleen All Your Perfects
  Hosseini, Khaled Sea Prayer
  Hotchner, A. E. The amazing adventures of Aaron Broom : a novel
  Housewright, David Like to Die
  Howard, Rosie The Homecoming
  Howells, Debbie Her Sister's Lie
  Hughes, Anita California summer
  Hughes, Caoilinn Orchid and the wasp : a novel
  Hunt, Samantha The seas : a novel
  Ide, Joe Wrecked
  Islington, James An echo of things to come
  Jackson, Lisa Liar, liar
  Jacobsen, Steffen Retribution
  Jaeger, Meredith Boardwalk Summer
  Jance, Judith A. Field of Bones
  Jansson, Susanne The forbidden place
  Johansen, Iris Vendetta
  Johansen, Iris Double Blind
  Johnson, Caleb Treeborne
  Johnson, Craig Depth of Winter
  Jones, Sandie The other woman
  Kadrey, Richard Hollywood dead
  Kamal, Sheena It All Falls Down
  Kearsley, Susanna Bellewether
  Keller, Julia Bone on Bone
  Kellerman, Faye Walking Shadows
  Kellerman, Jonathan A Measure of Darkness
  Kenyon, Sherrilyn Stygian
  Kepnes, Caroline Providence : a novel
  Kerik, Bernard B The grave above the grave
  Kidd, Cornelia Death and a pot of chowder
  Kiesling, Lydia The Golden State
  Kim, Crystal Hana If You Leave Me
  King, Stephen Bag of Bones
  King, Stephen Elevation
  Kingsbury, Karen When we were young
  Kingsolver, Barbara Unsheltered
  Klehfoth, Elizabeth All These Beautiful Strangers
  Kleine, Andrea Eden
  Konig, Orly. Carousel Beach
  Koontz, Dean R. The Forbidden Door
  Kracht, Christian The dead : a novel
  Kriseman, Eleanor The Blurry Years
  Krugler, David F. Rip the angels from heaven : a novel
  Kubica, Mary When the Lights Go Out
  Kumar, Amitava Immigrant, Montana : a novel
  Kumarasamy, Akil Half gods
  Kwon, R. O. The Incendiaries
  La Plante, Lynda Widows
  Laing, Olivia Crudo
  LaPlante, Alice Half Moon Bay : a novel
  Larraquy, Roque Comemadre
  Laurin, Nina What my sister knew
  LeBor, Adam District VIII
  Lethem, Jonathan The Feral Detective
  Levine, David D. Arabella the Traitor of Mars
  Levine, Paul Bum Deal
  Lewis, Marjorie Herrera When the Men Were Gone
  Lindsey, Johanna Marry Me by Sundown
  Llywelyn, Morgan Drop by Drop
  Lock, Norman The wreckage of Eden
  Logan, T. M. Lies
  London, Julia Tempting the Laird
  Louis, Edouard History of violence
  Lovering, Carola Tell me lies : a novel
  Luloff, Joanna Remind me again what happened
  Lustbader, Eric Four Dominions
  Mackay, Malcolm For those who know the ending
  Mackintosh, Sophie The Water Cure
  Macmillan, Gilly I Know You Know
  Macomber, Debbie Cottage by the Sea
  Macomber, Debbie Alaskan Holiday
  Mah, Ann The lost vintage : a novel
  Makkai, Rebecca The great believers
  Mallery, Susan When We Found Home
  Markley, Stephen Ohio
  Martin, Andrew Early work
  Martin, Demetri 19 1
  Martin, George R. R. Low Chicago
  Martin, William Bound for gold
  Martinez, A. Lee Constance Verity saves the world
  Mason, Daniel The Winter Soldier
  Mason, Rhonda Exile's Throne
  Mason, Zachary Metamorphica
  Mather, Janice Lynn Learning to breathe
  Mayor, Archer Bury the Lead
  Mazur, Grace Dane The Garden Party
  McCafferty, Keith A Death in Eden
  McCall Smith, Alexander The Colors of All the Cattle
  McCall Smith, Alexander The Quiet Side of Passion
  McCauley, Terrence The Fairfax incident
  McCoy, Sarah Marilla of Green Gables
  McElwain, Julie Caught in Time
  McFadden, Bernice L Praise song for the butterflies
  McGarrity, Michael Residue
  Mcgeorge, Chris Guess Who
  McGuire, Seanan Sparrow Hill Road
  McKinlay, Jenn Hitting the books
  McPherson, Catriona Go to My Grave
  Meade, Glenn Unquiet ghosts : a novel
  Michaels, Fern Safe and Sound
  Miller, Linda Lael The Blue and the Gray
  Miller, Louise The Late Bloomers' Club
  Millet, Lydia Fight no more : stories
  Mirza, Fatima Farheen A place for us
  Moning, Karen Marie High Voltage
  Montefiore, Santa The Secret of the Irish Castle
  Mooney, Dan Me, Myself and Them
  Moran, Caitlin How to Be Famous
  Moreci, Michael The Throwaway
  Moretti, Kate In Her Bones
  Moriarty, Nicola Those Other Women
  Morris, Heather The Tattooist of Auschwitz
  Morton, Kate The Clockmaker's Daughter
  Moshfegh, Ottessa My Year of Rest and Relaxation
  Mosley, Walter John Woman
  Muller, Marcia The Breakers
  Munier, Paula A borrowing of bones
  Murakami, Haruki Killing Commendatore
  Neggers, Carla Impostor's Lure
  North, Oliver The Rifleman
  Novik, Naomi Spinning Silver
  Nugent, Liz Lying in wait : a novel
  Oates, Joyce Carol Hazards of Time Travel
  O'Connor, Nuala Becoming Belle
  Odden, Karen A Dangerous Duet
  Oldham, Nick Bad cops : a Henry Christie thriller
  Oliver, Jeff The Two-Plate Solution : A Novel of Culinary Mayhem in the Middle East
  O'Neill, Joseph Good trouble : stories
  Orenstein, Hannah Playing With Matches
  Page, Libby The lido
  Palmer, Diana Unbridled
  Palmer, Diana Wyoming Legend
  Paretsky, Sara Shell Game
  Park, Samuel The Caregiver
  Parker, Miriam The Shortest Way Home
  Parker, T. Jefferson Swift Vengeance
  Parnell, Sean Man of war : an Eric Steele novel
  Patterson, James Target
  Patterson, James Texas Ranger
  Patterson, James Juror 3
  Patterson, James Ambush
  Patterson, James Murder in Paradise
  Paul, Gill Another Woman's Husband
  Pearce, A. J . Dear Mrs. Bird : a novel
  Pearl, Matthew The Dante chamber
  Pelecanos, George P. The Man Who Came Uptown
  Penny, Louise Kingdom of the blind
  Perezagua, Marina The Story of H
  Perry, Anne A Christmas Revelation
  Perry, Anne Dark Tide Rising
  Perry, Sarah Melmoth
  Persson, Leif G. W. The sword of justice
  Peterson, Tracie In Dreams Forgotten
  Piazza, Jo Charlotte Walsh likes to win : a novel
  Picoult, Jodi A Spark of Light
  Pinborough, Sarah Cross her heart : a novel
  Pittard, Hannah Visible empire
  Porter, Henry Firefly
  Powers, Richard The overstory : a novel
  Powers, Tim Alternate routes
  Putney, Mary Jo Once a Scoundrel
  Rader-Day, Lori Under a dark sky : a novel
  Rajaniemi, Hannu Summerland
  Raml, Musin The president's gardens
  Ramsay, Frederick Countdown
  Reardon, Bryan The real Michael Swann : a novel
  Redmond, Heather A Tale of Two Murders
  Reed, Graham The Chairman's Toys
  Regan, Katy Little big love
  Reza, Yasmina. Babylon
  Rice, Anne Blood Communion
  Rich, Simon Hits and Misses : Stories
  Riggs, Cynthia Widow's wreath
  Rindell, Suzanne Eagle & Crane
  Ripley, Nathan Find you in the dark
  Roanhorse, Rebecca Trail of Lightning
  Robb, J. D. Leverage in Death
  Robotham, Michael The Other Wife
  Roby, Kimberla Lawson Better Late Than Never
  Rose, M. J. Tiffany Blues
  Rosenberg, Charles The Trial and Execution of the Traitor George Washington
  Rosenberg, Jordy Confessions of the fox : a novel
  Rosenfelt, David Deck the Hounds
  Rosenfelt, David Rescued
  Rosengaard, Mikkel The invention of Ana
  Rosenthal, Reid Lance Moccasin Tracks
  Rosenthal, Reid Lance Footsteps
  Rosnay, Tatiana de The Rain Watcher
  Ross, JoAnn Herons landing
  Rovin, Jeff Tom Clancy's Op-Center. For honor
  Roy, Lori The Disappearing
  Rubin, Eric Beck School of Velocity
  Ruiz Zafon, Carlos The Labyrinth of the Spirits
  Rutger, Michael. The anomaly
  Rw, Shahd The Baghdad clock
  Ryan, Anthony The empire of ashes
  Sager, Riley The last time I lied : a novel
  Sandford, John Holy Ghost
  Sargent, Pamela Season of the Cats
  Sargent, Pamela Season of the Cats
  Schaffer, Bernard The thief of all light
  Schami, Rafik Sophia, or the beginning of all tales
  Schepp, Emelie Slowly We Die
  Schwarz, Liese O'Halloran The possible world : a novel
  Scottoline, Lisa Feared
  Scragg, Robert What Falls Between the Cracks
  Serong, Jock On the Java Ridge
  Sharratt, Mary Ecstasy : a novel
  Shaw, Vivian Dreadful company
  Shaw, William Salt Lane
  Shaykh, Ann The occasional virgin : a novel
  Shteyngart, Gary Lake Success : a novel
  Silva, Daniel The Other Woman
  Simons, Paullina A Song in the Daylight
  Slaughter, Karin Pieces of Her
  Smith, Mark Haskell Blown : a novel
  Snoekstra, Anna The Spite Game
  Sparks, Nicholas Every Breath
  Stage, Zoje. Baby teeth : a novel
  Stansfield, Katherine The Magpie Tree
  Steel, Danielle Beauchamp Hall : a novel
  Steel, Danielle The Good Fight
  Steel, Danielle In His Father's Footsteps
  Steinhauer, Olen The Middleman
  Stewart, Amy Miss Kopp just won't quit
  Straley, John Baby's first felony
  Stuart, Kimberly Heart land : a novel
  Sullivan, Michael J. Age of war
  Tan, Lucy What We Were Promised
  Taneja, Preti We that are young : a novel
  Taylor, Patrick An Irish Country Cottage
  Teo, Sharlene Ponti
  Thayne, RaeAnne The Cottages on Silver Beach
  Thomas, Sherry The hollow of fear
  Thompson, Victoria City of Secrets
  Thor, Brad Spymaster
  Titchmarsh, Alan Mr. Gandy's Grand Tour
  Todd, Charles A Forgotten Place
  Torday, Daniel Boomer1
  Townsend, Peggy See her run : an Aloa Snow mystery
  Tremblay, Paul The cabin at the end of the world : a novel
  Trent, Christine No cure for the dead : a Florence Nightingale mystery
  Trigiani, Adriana Tony's Wife
  Trollope, Joanna An unsuitable match
  Tuomainen, Antti The Man Who Died
  Turton, Stuart The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
  Tyler, Anne Clock Dance
  Umrigar, Thrity The Secrets Between Us
  Unger, Lisa Under My Skin
  Valente, Catherynne M. The Future Is Blue
  Van Der Vlught, Simone Midnight Blue
  Vasquez, Juan Gabriel The Shape of the Ruins
  Verdon, John White River Burning
  Viskic, Emma Resurrection Bay
  Walbert, Kate His Favorites
  Walker, Nico Cherry : a novel
  Walsh, Jenni L. Side by side
  Walsh, Rosie Ghosted
  Wand, Zosia Trust Me
  Wascom, Kent The new inheritors
  Weaver, Ashley An act of villainy
  Weis, Margaret Privateer
  Weisman, Jamie We are gathered
  Wells, Martha Rogue Protocol : The Murderbot Diaries
  Widger, Caeli Wolfson Mother of invention : a novel
  Williams, Beatriz The Glass Ocean
  Williams, Beatriz The Summer Wives
  Williams, Katie Tell the machine goodnight
  Wise, Spencer The emperor of shoes : a novel
  Wolfe, Jennifer Watch the girls
  Wood, James Upstate
  Woods, Stuart The Money Shot
  Woods, Stuart Desperate Measures
  Wright, Jaime Jo The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond
  Yetto, Nick Sommelier of Deformity
  Zahn, Timothy Thrawn : alliances
  Zeldis, Kitty Not Our Kind
  Zhou, Haohui Death notice : a novel