teen-tech-bannerThe library has special programming for teens that puts the latest tech tools and toys at their fingertips. Program an Ozobot, build something cool with a 3D pen or learn how to create objects to print on the library’s 3D printer.

Upcoming programs

Everyday Algorithms
Friday, March 9 • 4-5 p.m.
SUNY Albany Professor Petko Bogdanov will talk about how social media and our “smart” devices use data and algorithms to better interact with us. Sign up here.

Tech That Connects
Thursday, March 29 • 4-5 p.m.
Find out about the technologies and networks that come into play when you use your favorite smartphone app. SUNY Albany Professor Mariya Zheleva will lead the discussion, followed by a spatial thinking exercise. Sign up here.

Past STEAM programs for teens

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