“Where Are My Books?”

Spencer loves to read. He reads a book every night. One morning his favorite book goes missing, and in its place is a tulip. Spencer searches high and low, but he can’t find his book. The next morning another book is missing, a nut in its place. And the morning after that, another book is missing. What is happening to Spencer’s books?!

1. WATCH and LISTEN to Debbie Ohi reading “Where Are My Books?” 

  1. Do an activity (or two!) to extend learning:
  • LEARN – Choose one of the activities from the Teachers Guide on the author’s website: Click here.
  • LEARN and COLOR and DRAW – Debbie Ohi loves libraries and squirrels. Can you visit your library’s website to find out more about what resources you can access online to learn about squirrelsClick here for a shortcut to our research databases. Once you go to that page, you can look up more information about squirrels in Britannica School and Kids InfoBitsWhat did you learn about squirrels? Can you draw a squirrel? Can you draw a squirrel visiting the library?!
  • MAKE – Learn how to make a book cover! Click here for instructions.

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