Spooky Stories contest winner

Out of more than 40 entries to our 2017 Spooky Stories contest, we chose third-grader Lily M., whose tale about a potentially possessed pug  was both amusing and chilling. She won a gift certificate to I Love Books, which was donated by the Friends of the Library. A Storywalk featuring her spooky tale will be displayed in the library.

Lola … Or Not!

A long long time ago, there lived a girl named Avery and a pug named Lola, who lived in an old old house.  Legend said that anyone who went inside the house would turn into a ghost spirit.  Avery had never believed it was true until one terrifying night …

It was Halloween.  The moon was full and wind rustled the leaves on the trees.  Avery and her sister, Emmie were putting on their costumes and getting ready.  They were so busy laughing and talking about all the treats they were going to get that they didn’t notice Lola slip out of the house. 

When Avery called Lola to put on her pugkin costume, Lola didn’t come.   The whole family started searching.  They looked under couches, tables, and chairs.  No Lola.  They looked in the garage.  No Lola.  They even looked in the washing machine.  No Lola.

It was when Avery was looking out the window thinking how terrible it was that Lola was lost somewhere, tired, hungry, when she first saw something.  A small figure shaped like a dog was standing near an oak tree.

“Mom! Dad! Emmie! Look!” she pointed at the figure, “I think I found her!”

Everyone rushed outside.

Emmie peered around the tree.  “Lola’s not here!” she cried.

“Are you sure?” Avery asked, whipping her head around the tree.

Sure enough, no Lola.

Just then, her mom said “Listen!”

Avery listened hard.  She heard something rustle behind her.  When she turned around, she saw nothing.  Then, she saw a white pug that looked exactly like Lola.

In a high-pitched, but still extremely spooky voice it said “Whooo! Whooo! Bones and biscuits by the day, I must have them before I pass awaaaaaay!”

Avery gasped.  “I did not just see that,” she whispered.

But she had.

“Whooo! Whooo!” moaned the Lola-ghost.

Avery felt Emmie grab her hand and squeeze it tightly.

“I must leave noooooow!” wailed the Lola-ghost.

Then it vanished around the side of the house.

“Wow,” Emmie whispered, “I’ve heard of that legend before, but I never believed it was true, or that it could happen to an animal.”

“Well, it did,” said Avery’s dad, “I don’t believe anything unless I see it with my own eyes, he continued, “And I just did.”

Avery’s mom pressed her lips together.  Finally, she said “There’s nothing we can do about it,” she turned to Avery and Emmie, “Go put on your costumes.”

They walked silently back towards the house.

 Just then, Avery heard something.

Strangely, it sounded like .    .    .

Emmie and Avery looked at each other.  Cautiously, they tiptoed across the yard and peeked around the side of the house.

And there was Lola, yipping and yapping and jumping all around.

“Well,” said Avery, “That solves that problem.”

To this day no one in the family knows what happened, but they’re careful not to let Lola out of the house alone, especially on Halloween.

The End

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