Experience Nano at Bethlehem Public Library

Through August, we’re inviting you to imagine and discover a world you can’t see. Explore the world of nanoscience through an exciting Nano Mini-Exhibition on loan from SUNY Poly’s Children’s Museum of Science and Technology. This 400-square-foot exhibition, co-sponsored by the Upper Hudson Library System, includes hands-on, interactive stations for ages 4 and up that encourage exploration of nano phenomena and real-world applications and implications.

At the “Small, Smaller, Nano” station, you can play with magnets to explore how materials behave differently at different sizes. At the “Build a Giant Carbon Nanotube” exhibit, you can use foam construction pieces to make a large model of a tiny structure. There are plenty of examples of nano in nature, technology and around your home. “Where Can You Find Nano?” lets you listen, look and touch to discover nano all around you. At “Balance Our Nano Future,” a variety of blocks represent the challenge of tring to create a nano word. Can your balance all the blocks on the tippy table? Throughout the exhibit, interactive panels provide information on tiny solutions for big problems, exciting technologies inspired by nature, and different perspectives on nanotechnology.

Visit whatisnano.org for more information, videos, podcasts and more!

The Nano Mini-Exhibition is produced by the Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network with funding from the National Science Foundation.

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