Bethlehem Community Network Television (BCN-TV)

BCN-TV goes digital
Time-Warner Cable made all public, educational, and government channels exclusively digital. For households currently receiving BCN-TV, it remains in your package--but if you have an analog television, you may need a digital adapter to receive it. [more]

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The BCN-TV program guide has a new look!

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BCN-TV productions range from 30-second public service announcements to long-running series. Shows span a wide range of topics - public affairs and poetry, religion and relationships, music and medicine, education and environment. Local school and town board meetings are also cablecast, and a community calendar is run daily.
this month's schedule: BCN-TV program guide  (pdf)

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access for all

BCN-TV is dedicated to providing a public access channel on an open and equitable basis. It is available for non-commercial use by the public. BCN-TV and the library do not endorse any views expressed in BCN-TV productions.

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Town of Bethlehem cable administrator and cable franchise agreements

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